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No matter where you're at on your business journey, a solid business structure and foundation will help with your growth, success, and profit. 


Join me, April Whiston, a leading Australian Business Coach as I step you through the modules of my online course. Work in your own time, at your own pace, and be responsible for your own results.


This course has helped many business owners with the steps they need to flourish in their business. In each module, I step you through the important information using the video tutorials and the downloadable workbook to match.

I will teach you the importance of: 











This is by far, the best value training I offer and I welcome you to join my business community of inspiring entrepreneurs.

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"As a leading Business Coach, it is my responsibility to work alongside my clients, to coach them when they need, to call them out when limiting beliefs take hold, and to offer an unbiased view of their business. 

People don't get a coach to make friends, they get a coach for support and growth". 

-April Whiston 

7 Modules To A Stronger Business:

Module 1- Welcome to business

Module 2- Your Vision & Your Why

Module 3- Your Mission 

Module 4- Your Values

Module 5- Your Standards & Expectations

Module 6- Business Planning 

Module 7- Bonus Module- Social Media & Content Planning 

"This is by far, the best value offer I have to help aspiring entrepreneurs. 

This program offers hours of my coaching, recorded and a downloadable workbook for $37.95"

-April Whiston 

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