Building Hybrid Leaders

The world has been through the ringer.

Global pandemic, recession, poverty increasing and people living in fear and uncertainty. It is through this period of 2020, that something has stuck out for me. That thing is leadership.

For those who know me, you know I am as opinionated as they come. I am not ashamed of that, after all, it has taken 37 years, a degree, a post-grad, multiple businesses, coaching courses, marketing diplomas and more to form them.

It is with these strong opinions, that I believe leadership has never been more important. For those of us who want to rise above, support other people, pull our countries out of recession and spur on the economy for a greater future, the time is now.

To be a good leader, I have always believed you need a hybrid approach. In nursing, we called this ‘holistic care’ and when nursing, I was passionate about it.

Just like treating patients in the hospital, people in our community and employees in our businesses need care, support, empathy, and compassion.

For months, our governments have been saying, ‘we’re all in this together’. My response to that is, ‘yes, but we’re sure as hell not all in the same boat’. However, moving forward, we are all in the same fleet and each ship in this fleet needs a leader to steer the ship.

Will that leader, be you?

Maybe you have never seen yourself as a leader before?

Maybe people have told you ‘you’re too nice’, ‘you’re a push over’ or ‘you wear your heart on your sleeve’?

If you have been told that, GOOD!


It means you have the upmost capability of being an amazing hybrid leader.

A hybrid leader is a person who leads others with both their head and their heart. They use a range of internal and external tools to help others feel comfortable, confident, and courageous.

A hybrid leader understands the importance of a fiscal approach, but never at the detriment of others.

A hybrid leader is just that, a mix of the best leadership qualities and because of their skill, understanding, compassion and vision, they get the best out of the people they are leading.

It is a new era; it is time for a new way.

Are you going to up your hybrid leadership skills?

The Hybrid Leadership Course starts November 2nd and runs for six consecutive weeks.

To find out more and join this awesome program, click the link.