Buying an onsite cabin or van

Buying an onsite cabin or van is an exciting time. There are many parks to choose from, different cabin or onsite van configurations and prices range from around $8,000 right up to $450,000+.

The concept of having an onsite cabin or van has been around for decades, and if you haven’t heard of this option before, here are a few insights on how things work.

1. Caravan parks have a mixture of both tourist and annual sites. Tourist sites are often used for towable caravans and camper trailers, whilst the annual sites are uses for onsite cabins and vans.

2. All annual onsite occupants must pay site fees. These fees are similar to a body corporate fee and cover the cost of park repairs and maintenance, rates, development and profit for the park owner. These fees range from around $2500 -$15,000+ per year depending on the park, supply and demand and other factors such as proximity to the beach, river, or other attractions.

3. Owning an onsite cabin or van is a lifestyle choice and should not be seen as an investment. Although some people have made money over time, cabins and vans notoriously depreciate and you must consistently pay site fees.

4. When owning an onsite cabin or van, you only own the cabin or onsite van, not the land. You are effectively renting the land from the park owner and every year you are more than likely going to be required to sign an annual (12 monthly) occupation agreement.

5. 12 monthly you ask? Yes. Park owners have the right under legislation to ask for their site back when the occupation agreement comes to an end or if you breach your occupation agreement. Although this does not happen often, it does happen. Parks do at times decide to turn annual sites back into tourist sites and when this occurs, the site occupant can be forced to remove the cabin or onsite van from the site and deliver up vacant possession of the site.

Aside from the doom and gloom facts, many people enter into occupation agreements and enjoy many, many years at the park of their choice. Parks become their own mini communities with site occupants getting to know each other very well as neighbours and friends.

The benefits of having an onsite cabin or van include:

· The ability to be part of a holidaying community

· Your own ‘holiday home’ away from home where your lawns, gardens and recreational activities are maintained for you.

· 24-hour security as often parks have live in managers who supervise the park and watch over your asset when you are not there.

· The ability to store your own personal belongings at your cabin or van and get away from the ‘rat race’ when you please.

· If used sufficiently, they can offer a very cost-effective holiday solution for those with big families or who wish to not travel interstate or internationally.

· You can create quality family memories that will last a lifetime.

· Your friends are often welcome to use your onsite cabin or van when you are not.

· You are often allowed to on-sell when you have had enough or want to try something different.

In conclusion, onsite options are there for everyone and there is a wide range of cabins and vans to choose from. This type of holidaying has been around for many years and we believe will be around for many more.

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