CLUBHOUSE- get in da house!

Welcome and welcome to the new year and a NEW PLATFORM!

I have finally been accepted into Clubhouse, yes... You must be accepted.

So, after just 24 hours on the platform, what do I know?

  1. It's like a live podcast where you can ask questions and speak to other people from around the world. All conversations are held in virtual rooms (hence the name Clubhouse) and they generally have a topic of conversation. Ie, I am into business, so the rooms that I am interested in joining to chat and listen are talking about marketing, sales, and personal development, etc.

  2. You must have an iPhone to use Clubhouse. Currently, Clubhouse is not available on Android phones.

  3. You have a bio page that is similar to linked In where you can share information about yourself. People who are in the rooms you are chatting with will view your profile to obtain more of a background on you and a greater understanding of what it is you do for business and life.

  4. Your profile picture is the only visual you get, so make it eye-catching and a statement piece.

  5. People are using Clubhouse for a range of reasons, but as a new platform, there are thousands of coaches and entrepreneurs in their vying for early followers using the 'early adopter' method.

  6. Your Clubhouse profile links directly to Instagram and Twitter. This connection is massively underrated and I truly believe is the easiest way to now build your Instagram following, which up until now has been quite difficult for many.

  7. People follow you for what you contribute and say, not for what you look like. This is a breath of fresh air! Born is a new era of influencer, where your knowledge and voice is heard, impactful, and influential.

  8. Money is exchanging- I mean BIG money. I was in a room last night and $20,000 had been donated and gifted in the same room. Angel investors lurk in the 'pitch me your business idea' rooms, with the real possibility of the pitcher obtaining an investor for their business- THIS IS CRAZY COOL!

  9. To speak in the room, you must join the stage. The room is broken up into two compartments, the stage, where those speaking are listed, and the audience, where those who are listening are listed. You can interchange between the two, however moderators of the room select who can be on stage in that room to talk.

  10. You can be kicked from the platform. Hate speech, bad language, and being a nuisance will see you being kicked from the platform for good. Yay! Finally some serious regulation on a social platform.

  11. Your mobile phone number is used as an identification number and is how you are invited to join the platform.

  12. The platform is young, fresh, and oozes a super cool, tech-funky vibe. The creators have a communication page where all users can view frequent updates and improvements to make their Clubhouse experience amazing.

My Opinion:

This platform is ACE! I have invested approximately 15 hours over the last 24 hours learning about this platform, how it works, studying its potential, and observing the people who are already using it to grow and expand their influence, network, and business.

This platform gives you unprecedented access to some of the world's most influential people, where conversations can occur and you can be assisted. I see massive growth and I'm already asking 'can I buy shares in this company'?

In conclusion, if you're not in da house, get in! This platform is going to shake up the social media space and leaves the likes of Facebook and Linked In looking a bit like greedy dinosaurs offering a limited and ad-filled service.

Come join me, my handle is @aprilwhiston, and let's get chatting in Clubhouse!