Eggs-pert tips for an eggs-ceptional Easter

With guaranteed Friday and Monday public holidays and the school holidays to follow, there’s no eggs-cuse not to take advantage of the mild Autumn weather and take an eggs-tended weekend away.

Whether you celebrate Catholic or Orthodox Easter, Passover, Ostara or Mabon (or just have an eggs-treme devotion to public holidays and chocolate), there’s no denying that this time of year represents an important period of reflection, gratitude, and family tradition. Containing some of the few days in the year where chocolate is a perfectly eggs-ceptable breakfast food, it’s (over) easy to understand why so many hoppy family memories are created over this eggs-tra long weekend.

This time last year, Easter was a little different in Victoria. We were well and truly into our first lockdown, family get-togethers were off-limits, and our outdoor adventures were confined to an Easter egg hunt in the backyard, along with our daily eggs-ercise to spot rainbows and visit the local Spoonville.

Thankfully, Easter 2021 promises to be far more chirpy. Aside from the recent NSW floods, which may restrict travel to some areas, there are currently very few travel restrictions within Australia. So pack up the tent, the kids, the dog, the camper-trailer - whatever your Easter holiday style - and make the most of the last long weekend before June.

Hop to it

At this eggs-act moment, travel within Australia is quite relaxed. However, you may still be required to apply for a permit if you plan to cross state borders, and we suggest not leaving this until the last minute. These permits are easy to obtain and mostly precautionary, designed to quickly identify interstate travellers in the case of a new Covid-19 outbreak. Visit the relevant State government website/s for more information regarding your particular destination.

Hatch a plan

With many venues and events operating with reduced capacities, you may have to register your intended visiting time/s to ensure crowds are equally dispersed throughout the day. This can apply to free events as well as paid, so avoid disappointment by doing some eggs-tra research on capacity limits and pre-booking, as well as any restrictions and surcharges that may apply on public holidays.

Eggs-pect the uneggspected

As much as Australia is currently eggs-periencing Covid-normal, the virus is still an active threat. It’s important to remain flexible and well worth checking the cancellation policies on your transport, accommodation, and pre-paid eggs-periences, just in case. Remember to pack a mask and some hand sanitiser, and keep up to date with government announcements.

Be a good egg

We all wish that the world was Covid-free, but you only have to turn on the news to know that this isn’t the case. If you do find yourself at an event or venue where you’re required to wear a mask, stay within certain number limits, or check in with a QR-code, please do. The staff are just doing their jobs and following legislation, and it can be eggs-hausting! A little bit of adaptability and a friendly smile will go a long way to making their Easter, and yours, as safe and hoppy as possible.

Get eggs-cited

Within the current world climate, Australia is indeed the lucky country. With lockdowns and eggs-treme restrictions still necessary for our international family and friends, let’s not take our health and relative freedom for granted - go out and have an eggs-cellent time.

Written by my amazingly talented copywriter Nat x