Leadership is all about being great with other humans…

I have always worked with humans to make a living. I started at Harvey Norman, became a nurse, own a Holiday Park and now I am a coach. Some might say, ‘oh you’d be good with people’?

Well, the truth is, I am with some, but not with all… Is that even possible?

One of the humans I have learned the most about recently is me. The study of human behaviour, our interactions with self and others is completely fascinating and mind blowing.

It is true, the more you learn about psychology and human interaction, the bigger your world becomes, opportunities increase and life becomes easier. It has enabled me to feel more joy, more gratitude and live my life in the moment.

Ok, so you’re saying ‘this is great for you, but I can’t do that’, am I right?

You see, everything is a skill. EVERYTHING. You can up-skill at any moment in time. You are right now by reading this blog

We are not born with the ability to walk. We stumble as we learn. We make mistakes, but we get up and keep trying. Why am I telling you this? Because becoming a great leader, not just a manager, takes time, perseverance and investment in yourself.

When I began on this journey to be a better business owner, I faced the fact that my leadership style was a Visionary Style and when things got stressful, Pace Setting and Commanding techniques set in. Everyone has default methods they use to get through this world. They are not set in stone, are based on experience, upbringing and what we have found effective from childhood until now.

The methods of leadership are not limited to, but include (Daniel Goleman):

  • Pace Setting

  • Commanding

  • Coaching

  • Visionary

  • Democratic

  • Affiliative

Pace Setting:

Accomplishing tasks to a high standard of excellence. Style in a phase example: ‘do as I do- now’


Requires immediate compliance. Style in a phase example: ‘Do what I tell you because I say so’.


Desires long-term professional development of staff. Style in a phase example: ‘try this’.


Provides a long term vision and direction for staff. Style in a phase example: ‘come with me’.


Builds commitment among staff and generates new ideas. Style in a phase example: ‘what do you think’ or ‘let’s talk it over’.


Works to create harmony among the leaders and staff. Style in a phase example: ‘people come first’.

When learning these styles of leadership it allows you to identify which method you use the most and which area you could learn more about. From here, you can build your leadership muscle and with competence, comes confidence.

Know your style, put a name to it. From here, you can tackle your default and change it as required or model the style you need, when you need.

There are many other human behaviour tools to grow your knowledge and competence such as DISC Profiling, the Critical Alignment Model, the modalities of interpretation and the TRUSTME model just to name a few.

Start small, build confidence, grow your knowledge and continue on the journey of self improvement from there. As you grow and improve, so will your team.

Thanks for reading,

Until next time,

April x