You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with most.

Who you follow and what you listen to changes your thought processes.

This week, I had an amazing client come to me distraught. She was concerned, sad, confused, and ultimately, self-sabotaging. In a noticeably short amount of time, I was able to coach her out of this state, and back into her normal positive, calm, and functioning state.

So, why did this client spiral to the point of needing an emergency one to one coaching session?

She was cluttering her life and mind with things and people that are not a match for her but was doing so because she was being influenced by the marketing.

Marketing is powerful. In a nutshell, it is designed to change your way of thinking and persuade you to take action. One of the key marketing messages that had stuck with this client was, ‘mediocre is a disease’.

‘Mediocre is a disease’! What the absolute XXck!

This statement is poison, judgemental, and causes nothing but stress, anxiety, and lack of self-worth.

This statement is used by the speaker to invoke passion and motivation, but because ‘mediocre’ has a million a one shades to it, I mean, what is mediocre anyway? It almost always leaves the individual feeling like they are not doing enough, are not good enough and they are then enticed to ‘join the next program to change your mindset and shift perspective’. Marketers and so-called ‘coaches’ who do this should be ashamed!

Being someone’s coach is a privilege and a sacred close relationship. At NO POINT, should they be shamed or manipulated to continuously buy from you. The minute a coach crosses into the realm of wanting to keep a client buying from them, they are putting their business first, not the client and it makes me outrageously mad and something I see WAY TOO MUCH in this space.

However, rant over.

What I wanted to explain is that ‘you are the average of the 5 people you hang out with most’, and this includes content consumption. If you have a speaker, coach, or influential person in your ear hours on end, they are going to influence your thinking and perspective. They intern, become one of the top 5 people you are hanging around with most.

Therefore, if your consuming content that is not in line with your natural feminine or masculine energy, cultural beliefs, religion, sexuality, and the list goes on, it will influence your thinking.

Sometimes, this is for the good. If you are actively trying to change, level up, and grow, this is how it is done. But, if you are finding yourself stressed, sad, and entering self-sabotage, I will question if that is the right content or person for you.

So, if you’ve read this far ask yourself, ‘who are the top 5 people you are hanging around’?

‘Are they helping you level up with a healthy mental state’?

‘Are they influencing you in a positive and nurturing way that is in line with your values’?

If not, keep looking, there are many incredible people in the world doing many wondering things.